Conti: Drive your Team Productivity in salesforce through utility Mobile App

Continuing with my previous post about utility app which can help to increase the sales team productivity.

I found these two amazing apps, that are more flexible and can make the team more productive and efficient. These apps are again very easy to install and simple to use just like “Call Utils” app. Though “Call Utils” only works on contact level but these two below ones will work on both leads & contacts. Few details about these apps:

  1. Liid for CRM:With LiiD you can:
    • Automatically log calls and emails to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Activate Caller ID for iOS and Android and identify who is calling
    • Execute daily tasks promptly with the built-in personal sales assistant
    • Save your meetings and add notes by speech-to-text
    • Scan business cards and instantly update client information
  2. ONDiGO:
    • Automatically save your calls, emails, and meetings to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Automatically creates new CRM contacts & leads based on your email & calendar activity
    • Pipeline Reporting
    • Customer Sentiment/anomaly alerts

“Note that the above apps are paid apps. They give you 10-30 days free trials to play around and gain knowledge of the various functions.”

Drive your Team Productivity in salesforce through “Call Utils” Mobile App

Hi Guys –

This is my first blog after a long gap and today I will be talking about an interesting mobile app that I found while reviewing some apps for my sales team. This fantastic app created by Radek Baxa is very handy to log your calls in SFDC directly from your mobile.

The app name is “Call Utils“. Download Links are below:

  1. Appexchange:
  2. Google Play:

This android application, if connected to the Salesforce API  automatically log your calls as a task in the activity history section directly from mobile in SFDC. You can get the details by following the above link.

Note that – There are two version of it. Above one is the free which only logs your calls. Other one is Pro has advanced features like Call recording and Speech to text API support.

Hope you will find this app very helpful in driving the productivity of your team.



FileExporter is a free utility which the enables the Salesforce administrator to export documents (Attachments, Content or Documents) in their original formats (pdf, xls, doc, jpg, etc) at any time, on demand.

After downloading it from appexchange and extracting the contents on your local drive. You simply have to double click “+FileExporter” file to open the application in a command line.



Requirements to use this utility:

  1. Windows XP and above
  2. Apex Data Loader 17
  3. You must have “API Enabled” on your salesforce user account.

Detailed information:

How it works?: Follow this link (post by Bulkified)

Fuzzy Lookup for Excel

Some time back, I was working on some data in excel file and wanted to do lookup on the values in two different sheet.  However, the problem was that values were not the same. For example, one value was “XYZ Inc” and other one “XYZ, Inc.”.  In this case the standard VLOOKUP function will skip these values.  But my requirement was to match these values.  I was left with only one option and that was doing the manual matching.  However, one of my colleague told me about this fantastic Add-in that can match these kind of values.

Microsoft’s Fuzzy Lookup Add-in for Excel is a fantastic tool to performs fuzzy matching of text data in Excel. Here is the youtube tutorial link (by Scott Ferrebee) :

Hope this add-in will help you guys just like it helped me to match the conflicting data.