Schedule your meetings with Calendly


Recently, came to this awesome software – Calendly.  It is really amazing tool when it comes to set up meetings.  One no longer has to manually figure the best time to meet.  Just sent out Calendly link and your prospects/invitee can simply go to your calendar and pick the best available option. It’s simple to install and use. It will really help you to increase the efficiency of booking meetings with our prospects and saves a ton of your time. It is fully integrated with your calendar. Both Office 365 and Google calendar can easily be synced and only allow people to book meetings when you are free.

For example, it automatically blocks the spots when you create events from other platforms.  Also, when a meeting is booked by the person to whom you send Calendly link to, the meeting will appear in your calendar automatically and they also get a calendar appointment so everyone is synched up.

Though it is a paid version. It also provide 10-14 days trial and also have a basic version which is totally FREE. You can get more info on pricing here.

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