FileExporter is a free utility which the enables the Salesforce administrator to export documents (Attachments, Content or Documents) in their original formats (pdf, xls, doc, jpg, etc) at any time, on demand.

After downloading it from appexchange and extracting the contents on your local drive. You simply have to double click “+FileExporter” file to open the application in a command line.



Requirements to use this utility:

  1. Windows XP and above
  2. Apex Data Loader 17
  3. You must have “API Enabled” on your salesforce user account.

Detailed information:

How it works?: Follow this link (post by Bulkified)

Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius

Salesforce Admins have to perform many roles apart from managing the whole system.  They are MIS Analyst, Data Management guys, etc. etc..

On many occasion, I too have to provide many reports to my sales team/management. For example, many times my sales OR marketing team has asked me provide a list of accounts or contacts within a radius of a place or ZIP code.  For this purpose you might have to connect with the requester and ask for details to and fro OR you refer to a online sites that give such information.  Likewise, I do use one of the online site/tools that I like the most. The site is:

This site provides a tool (see link below) where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all the ZIP codes found inside that radius. Please Note that, this is for USA ONLY.

After feeding the desired information, you can copy that data in CSV output.  Now you have got the list of all the Zip codes with in the specified radius.  You can run a simple report on Accounts/Contacts and do a LOOKUP to extract all the matching zip codes.

However; there are many other Map tools available on this site that you can make use of.

Happy Reporting!!!

Export Outlook data to CSV

Want to export data from your Microsoft Outlook.  Then “CodeTwo Outlook Export” tool can help you out.  CodeTwo Outlook Export is a free tool for exporting data from Microsoft Outlook to CSV text files.  It can export data from all types of folders, such as: Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, Post, Tasks, Journal, Notes.  Follow the website link to see the functionality:

Mass lead convert to contact for existing accounts (with demandtools) in sfdc

There are many situations where you have (mass)convert many leads into contacts for existing accounts in your salesforce org.  Follow the below steps in order to convert these leads into contacts:

  1. File should contain ‘Lead IDs‘ & respective ‘Account IDs
  2. Open Demand Tool, choose ‘Mass Effect‘ feature from ‘Maintenance Tools‘ Tab
  3. Select File
  4. In ‘Mass Effect‘ Salesforce mapping section, map ‘Lead ID‘ of file to Lead object ‘Id‘ field
  5. In sequence of above step, map ‘Account IDs‘ into ‘DM-temp‘ field. ‘DM-temp’ field is a new custom field that we will create to update Account IDs.
  6. In Operation Section, check mark ‘Updating Existing Records‘ option and click ‘Process‘ action button
  7. Once the processing is complete. Go to ‘Cleansing Tools‘ Tab and choose ‘Lead > Account Deduplication‘ feature
  8. After that in ‘Step 1 – Lead to Account Compare‘ page, check ‘Use Conditions‘ option
  9. For adding Condition, select ‘DM-temp‘ field against that choose ‘!=‘ in Operator and add that condition and press button ‘Step 2 > Mapping Display
  10. On ‘Step 2 > Set Mapping Condition‘ page, under ‘Set Lead -> Account Mapping Conditions‘ section press ‘Add Mapping Condition‘ button
  11. Under ‘Lead Field‘ header, select ‘DM-temp‘ Field, under ‘Account Field‘ Header select ‘Id‘ field. Under ‘Match Category‘ header select ‘All‘ value and under ‘Mapping Type‘ header, select ‘ ID Match‘ value
  12. Under ‘Select Lead and Account Fields to Display‘ section, for ‘Lead Fields‘ check mark ‘Converted Contact ID‘ and ‘Email‘ values. And for ‘Account Fields‘, check mark ‘Name‘ and ‘Id‘ values.
  13. Press, button ‘Step 3 -> Merge Control’. Wait till processing complete.
  14. Once processing is completed, you will see page ‘Step 3 -> Select Leads to Merge‘ which shows list of leads with details to be converted. Check mark top box to select all leads and press button ‘Convert Checked‘.  This will initiate the actual Lead conversion in SFDC.