Some Good Online Tools to compare the difference between two text or Code

Sometime back I was analyzing the data in two different tables.  My requirement was to check the differences in two text and was evaluating it manually and by using various excel functions to check the differences.  It was very lengthy, tiring and frustrating process.  Finally one of my colleague suggested this online tool to do this task: (An Online Tool to do a ‘quick and dirty’ diff of two text or code fragments).

Alternatively, you can also take help of the below tools to do this job:


I hope this will help you all and lessen your manual work.


Removing Duplicates from a cell – UDF

You have data in a column with cells containing duplicate text/string in it and want to remove these duplicate entries from the cells.  You can use the below code to create a function:

 Function Uniquestrings(inputString As String) As String

    Const delimiter As String = “,”

    Dim inArray() As String

    Dim xVal As Variant

    inArray = Split(inputString, delimiter)

    Uniquestrings = delimiter

    For Each xVal In inArray

    If InStr(Uniquestrings, delimiter & Trim(xVal) & delimiter) = 0 Then Uniquestrings = Uniquestrings & Trim(xVal) & delimiter

    Next xVal

    ‘Rem remove this line To leave a leading delimiter

    Uniquestrings = Right(Uniquestrings, Len(Uniquestrings) – 1)

    Uniquestrings = Left(Uniquestrings, Len(Uniquestrings) – 1)

End Function

Copy and paste this code in the VBA module

Formula will be: =Uniquestrings(cell#)


How to mass assign User(s) to Territory via Data loader or Excel Connector

Have you ever stuck in a situation where you had to assign multiple users to a territory or a user to multiple territories and you have to do it manually.  However, there is a very simple way to mass assign a user to multiple territories and vice-versa through Apex Data Loader OR Excel Connector .

Once Territory Management has been activated in your salesforce instance. There is an object “UserTerritory” is also activated and available. You can use this object to assign the users to the appropriate territory via the data loader OR excel connector.

To mass assign Users to a Territory/Territories, you will need below mentioned details:

  • TerritoryId = Salesforce ID of the respective Territory(s)
  • UserId = Salesforce ID of User record(s)
  • *IsActive= TRUE

*IsActive field is Optional. You should still be able to assign the territories without this field.

Hope this will help you guys!

Excel Concatenate Function – through Macro (UDF)

Want to concatenate a range in excel at one go, use this code:

Function CONCAT(useThis As Range, Optional delim As String) As String
Dim retVal, dlm As String
retVal = “”
If delim = Null Then
dlm = “”
dlm = delim
End If
For Each cell In useThis
If CStr(cell.Value) <> “” And CStr(cell.Value) <> ” ” Then
retVal = retVal & CStr(cell.Value) & dlm
End If
If dlm <> “” Then
retVal = Left(retVal, Len(retVal) – Len(dlm))
End If
CONCAT = retVal
End Function

Function will be like this: =CONCAT(yourRange,delimiter*) *Optional


OR you can follow this link:  (one of the best site to learn EXCEL)